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Here is the deal…  I don’t really care for either of you.

Furthermore, I don’t really care…  this is a shame. I used to care. When Bill was elected I cried myself to sleep. I vowed to never have children and I thought that we would soon fall off the planet. He reminded me of the creepy pastor that felt me up in the 8th grade on a “salvation” retreat. Granted,Bill turned out to be just as creepy.

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I currently have 7 kids. 4 biological, 1 adopted, 1 almost adopted, 1 foster.  I have no savings, we spent all of it on adoption fees. I have $456.25 in checking. I currently have an outstanding notice from Obama-care that I must prove my oldest biological daughter’s  citizenship before she can be insured.
For the record: I gave birth to her in 1995 in Abilene, Texas with the lamest excuse for pain control since Bill claimed he didn’t inhale. I am sending a video of the birth. They wrapped her in the Texas Flag when they gently placed her in my arms.
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I am sick with strep and an ear infection. No one will take my supplemental insurance, that we pay $498 a month for. So I paid $185 cash at the walk in clinic. Now there’s $280.56 in my checking account.
You can’t get to this level of living – but since you can’t – I suspect, you aren’t qualified to run this country.
The thing is I don’t give a rats butt which of you is president. In the 24 years since I first cared, the politicians have made a mockery of everything I might have considered important.  If I had to pick one issue, it would be life. Neither of you is cognizant of what that means to my family or me.
You might think it means pro-life.  And yes – we will have to answer for lives lost. So yes – the lives lost in Benghazi (eh-hmm Hillary)  So be it, meet your maker, do what you do, yadda yadda yadda or bombing the #&$# out of people, (eh-hmm pompous windbag, I mean Donald.)
The truth is “life” means this to me, mother of seven:
Life: Loving fearlessly – choose others before yourself. Believe in that which you cannot see. Help those that cannot help themselves. Fight for that which the Lord calls you to, even if it’s hard.  Be not afraid. Stand in the gap. Adopt. By all means embrace mercy. Look from a brother’s point of view. Take gentle care of the least of these: The lost, the helpless and the broken. Hurt. Life is hard. It WILL HURT!  Embrace the hurt but do not be so quick to fix it. Hurt means growth.  Hurt means you’re living. Hurt means you’re giving. Hurt.  It is not about you. It is not about this season. Hurt. Go ahead – Hurt. And … Special needs are special. You cannot fathom how special.
 Donald & Hilary – you cannot understand what my American family needs in a president because you are in la-la land. You aren’t on the same page. You aren’t in the same league or on the same playing field or even the same parking lot.
 You are not good enough for my babies. 
They aren’t perfect. They aren’t saints. But they are my children. And not only do I not want to elect either of you as the president of my babies’ country… I would not hire you to watch them while I went out to dinner. 
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Hilary, you might have a burning ambition, but you will have to answer for Benghazi.  Eternity expects answers. And that’s my current focus. Not 2016. You can manipulate & power up and throw in “may the force be with you…”
But you are no hipster hero, and ma’am you are no Han Solo… I knew Han Solo. Two of my children will vote for the first time in this election. I want my kids to be enchanted by the voting process. I want them to be proud of their country & to believe that good wins. You must answer honestly when you are called out for a wrong. And no matter whose cajones you have in your purse,  no man should have been allowed do with Monica what your husband did in the Oval Office – and gotten away with it. I pray an example is made of your arrogance and that no woman believes she is making a statement for women by voting for you.  Women, write in Rachel Robinson or Kitty Dukakis  if you want to champion a cause. We don’t need another talking head just because she has ovaries.
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Donald, you are the epitome of the power of positive thinking. Truly. If you can dream it you can be it is exemplified in how you roll.  But you are no role model. You probably will be president because everything you say… You do. And there’s a lesson to be learned in this.
Do what you say, say what you’ll do, but mind that you are not boastful or arrogant – lest it all be for not.  Oh and “no one is reading the bible more than me…” Puh-leeze. Just say you read the bible and shut up. I am certain you aren’t the front runner in scripture study. Don’t insult us.
And I tell my kids they aren’t that great. Follow the rules and let the first be last, the last be first. However, neither of you are good enough for them. Neither of you is worthy of what they have to offer the world or the orphans – the widows- the suffering. Neither of you can pass a law, or approve a bill – or veto what my children are capable of doing.  What they will do.
As adamant as you bark “I will be the next president.” I declare something better. I declare a new presidency where integrity is the front runner. I declare a cessation to boastful and arrogant talk. I declare the right people are held accountable, and  I declare Justice.
Dear Donald and Hillary – you may believe you are unstoppable. You may believe you are in control. But I believe in the Living God of Israel. He has done more with worse and He is where I will put my hope, I am just not afraid of either of you.
Let freedom ring… and the lunatics get their just reward.  Godspeed, A Mom
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