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Ready to get super close to Jesus in one easy step?


Say, “Good morning Jesus!”


Also, you can say this anytime.  You aren’t mandated to do it at 4:30 am.  If you sleep through your alarm, you can still say it.  If you drive braless to drop kids at school, still okay.

This is the Good News.

Life abundant.




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I found myself alone in my car for about 45 minutes the other day.  With no one to argue with about what to listen to I started scrolling through a list of podcasts.  In the silence, I was overcome with the need to just visit with Jesus.

I got totally busted.  I was telling Him all about a cheese-food debacle and found myself at a stop light with some kids piled into a pickup truck.  They were making fun of me.  Whatever.  For all they knew I had one of the space-aged ear-phones.  I was ranting and raving, so  I probably did look totally ridiculous.

But I don’t care.

And I have gotten some harsh emails lately, remarks about the “danger of grace,” and you know… I still don’t care.  I am curious what folks think I will do that makes the message so dangerous. Aside from an extra cookie and yelling at my kids that I will, “kick their lung out,” I am not all that “bad.”

But it is only recently that I learned He never counts me as “bad.”

And if He was counting my idea of bad and your idea of bad are equally bad to Him, so now what?

All the times I have believed He was far from me His power wasn’t decreased.  I have spent so much time fearing Him. This bipolar, crazed hippie like figure, with bad teeth and Americanized ideas about who gets blessed and who dies of brain cancer – was so far from the truth.

Yes, the truth has set me free.  And you cannot talk me out of it.  Seriously, you can’t talk me off this ledge.  If it is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Truly, for the first time in my knowledge of Jesus, I am in a relationship with Him.


The walk of relationship if much more pleasant than the work of religion.

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The only time Jesus got disgusted with anyone is when he dealt with Pharisees. #solidatrity

I never claimed to be a theologian.  The truth is, I don’t want to study my God, I want to KNOW my God. I am more than happy to be a fool for the gospel.

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Indeed, it is a foolish mindset, utter freedom.

The easy step in knowing Jesus is believing Jesus.  The hardest work in knowing Jesus is undoing the years of learned behaviors that made me think He was keeping a list of my cookie consumption and temper tantrums.

He alone.

Jesus plus nothing.

Confession is simply agreeing with what He says about me.

Repentance is simply acknowledging, “Yup, that is not for me.”

And the first step of any good relationship begins with trust.   I fully trust the work of the cross.

The blood worked.

Grace is the consequence.

Eternity the prize.

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The work is done friends, welcome to knowing Him well.

One easy step.  

May your floors be sticky and your calling ordained.  Love, Jami

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13 

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