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If the ground beneath my feet is sacred, not because of who I am – but of because He who dwells in me, when will I be at peace with this vessel?

How  much more can I possibly be exposed?  Well, my friend Rebecca Huff of That Organic Mom says it best, “If you stick you head in the sand, your whole ass is still sticking out.”

I have been healthy.

I have been ill.

I have been thin and I have been fat.  But it wasn’t until I fell into the arm of the Grace message and the REAL JESUS that I came to this place… WELL.

Read the Fat Girl’s guide HERE…

losing weight
The Fat Girl’s Guide to Knowing Jesus…

Too thin.

Too tall.

Too much.

Too little…

I am well because of Him.  Somethings are for me.  Somethings are not.  My inheritance is to boldly profess the truth of who I am in Christ.  He was healthy.  He was peaceful. He was well.  As He is… so am I.

I walk in the favor of the Lord.

I am His daughter.

He is for me.  He is for me.  Did you hear me?

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

He is for you!


He wants you to have peace, joy, life ABUNDANT.  And part of that abundance is to walk in His favor claiming victory over your strongholds and banishing every obstacle to the foot of the Cross.

You are all kinds of spectacular when you believe in your identity.

My favorite example of this can be found in this post Prostitute to Princess. 

woman with curly hairI am not who I am because of what I do.  But because of who I am. 


You can read the entire 28-series about the freedom found in Grace by following this link. 

During the series, I did not talk much about my methods for wellness.  This was mainly because I didn’t want anyone following me as part of some protocol, but rather as a means to learn more about FREEDOM.

That being said, I do work out at home.  Because we live so far outside of town on a ranch it is not realistic for me to drive into town to the gym.

My home gym is in my closet/studio.

Side Note:  I am new to this… well, part of it. I DO NOT LIKE FROZEN DIET MEALS.  Can’t do it.  It is gross to me.  So I am trying meals from Blue Apron.

So far, I am very impressed.  I thought it would be expensive… but then when I broke it down, I was SHOCKED at the price.  It is not only affordable it is very healthy and delicious.

Follow this link to learn more about BLUE APRON!  Click HERE!  or click on the image below for a FANTASTIC OFFER!

blue apron

So my home gym is powered by Amazon.  I do like to go for walks on the ranch and on the county road with my sister.  But in my “Studio”  I have some equipment I can’t do without: my spin bike, my kettlebells, my yoga mat, ROKU and Television.

If I am working out I like to either be visiting with a friend or watching mindless tv while I sweat.  I have a small flat screen television and ROKU which streams Netflix, so I can watch The Office or something else to take my mind off the drudgery.

Pictured below, my closet studio:


I do love to spin and the bike that I have now is actually better than any spin bike I have ever used, including at high end gyms.  I do use a gel seat, I don’t use clips.  I just wear my regular Vionic running shoes.



More to come….