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The Hardest Part: Believing Big

Lately, I have been believing big. Like, really big.  The hardest part of believing big is the enemy. He is literally the worst.   I have had a lot of time alone.  In the last two weeks, I have been deep in what I and many of my writer friends call, the writer’s hidey-hole.  And it is there, I get to meet with Jesus in a very dear way.   The book of Romans is where I nested, and I could have …

things to pray for
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Powerful Things to Pray For

Powerful Things to Pray For What are the most powerful things to pray for?   I am not a power-hungry person. Honestly, power-hungry people mystify me.  I have never really understood that desire. And you know the folks, the ones that are driven to dominate and control?  This is not a struggle of mine. Go ahead, you be in charge.   But as of late, I want my prayers to be powerful.   No, this is not the darkest season of my …

Jami Amerine True Success

True Success: Outside Inside Out

What is true Success? It happens.  The webernet trolls, who seriously I do not understand, have been active this week.  Honestly, I wasn’t exactly sure what happened to prompt the onslaught.  But then, I was tagged in a post, shared by For Every Mom. As it turns out, two of my viral posts, The Vomit Blog and An Open Letter to My Children: You’re Not That Great, had been reposted by the popular online mommy magazine. Eureka. When I dipped …

motivated by success
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Motivated by Success: Embracing Perfection

Motivated by Success: Embracing  Perfection She sits down every night and plays.  The child composes success, effortlessly. Sophia Rose, our youngest daughter, turns 17 today. I promise this is not a bragging blog.  However, the girl is a good example of being motivated by success. Sophie is on the honor roll, ranked 40th in her senior class.  Diligently, she studies, but she doesn’t have to.  Among the struggling and “disabled” learners in this family, Sophie, or “Fluffy,” as our young …

Christ's identity
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Christ’s Identity in Me: A Fresh and Somewhat, Outlandish Look at Jesus

Christ’s Identity in Me: A Fresh and Somewhat, Outlandish Look at Jesus Our youngest son is just four… yes, four.  The child is FORTY years younger than me, came into our lives when he was just three months old. For the better part of his first two years, his permanency in our lives was a roller coaster ride of hope, dashed hopes, wants, for his birth family, our family, him… and me.  His adoption day was very different than the …

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A Brand New Mind: How to Think Like a Grace Girl

A Brand New Mind: How to Think Like a Grace Girl Truly, I crave being made new. Yesterday was the pits for me.  I was laid out all day with a headache.  Finally, I had to take something that left me dopey and unable to function… and I could hear my heartbeat banging in my head. In my misery and patheticness, I had three very vivid ideas. Vaguely, I remember, I jotted them down and look forward to spending time …