recognize truth
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Recognizing the Truth: Here, Now

Recognizing the Truth I crave the truth.  Most definitely, I want to recognize it the moment I see it.  And yes, sometimes the truth is hard to face. Yet, I still want to be in the know.  As a mom of many, I have a keen eye for a scam.   Face it, kids will try and deceive for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps, if you are like me, this is your superpower. Certainly, we are all well trained in the …

stop it
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Stop It: A Brand New Mind

So you want to stop it?  You want to experience everything promised to you, create a new mind and experience the fullness of faith? Yes, it is possible.  Not because I said so, but because Jesus said so.  So steeped in the belief that this would work, and that it was a worthy cause, He died a brutal death, so we might live free. Recently, I read that actress Gwyneth Paltrow was asked about her wellness routine.    Paltrow stated …

Comfort Zone
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Increasing Faith Outside the Comfort Zone

Increasing Faith Outside the Comfort Zone Tis the season to reflect and take stock of my belief, or perhaps my unbelief.  Frankly, I am most stunned by all the years I have basked in the comfort zone of unbelief.  Maybe this is shocking, I mean, I believe in the Virgin Birth and Death and resurrection of my Jesus. I have two books that testify to my commitment.  A third is on the way.   In the process of writing the third, …

what does Jesus want for Christmas
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What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?

What Does Jesus Want for Christmas? I wonder, what does Jesus want for Christmas?  And so I asked.  I said it out loud.  “Hey, Friend, it is me… Jami with no E.  Jesus, what do you want for Christmas?” And yes, I know, this sounds childish.  But, in real life, I want to be child-like this year.  This year is the last year, Sophie, our youngest biological child, will still live at home.  Next year, she’ll come “home” for Christmas. …

believe big Jami Amerine
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The Hardest Part: Believing Big

Lately, I have been believing big. Like, really big.  The hardest part of believing big is the enemy. He is literally the worst.   I have had a lot of time alone.  In the last two weeks, I have been deep in what I and many of my writer friends call, the writer’s hidey-hole.  And it is there, I get to meet with Jesus in a very dear way.   The book of Romans is where I nested, and I could have …

things to pray for
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Powerful Things to Pray For

Powerful Things to Pray For What are the most powerful things to pray for?   I am not a power-hungry person. Honestly, power-hungry people mystify me.  I have never really understood that desire. And you know the folks, the ones that are driven to dominate and control?  This is not a struggle of mine. Go ahead, you be in charge.   But as of late, I want my prayers to be powerful.   No, this is not the darkest season of my …