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In Defense of Anxiety: A Friend of Jesus’ Walk with Terror

I remember, I believed I was dying. I was wholly wracked with anxiety. My heart pounded so intensely, you could see the reverberation through my pajama top. If you have ever met me in person, you know, under the mounds of flesh layering my sternum, this is impressive.  “Is this anxiety?  Am I over-reacting?  It’s ‘JUST’ anxiety… you are such a mess.” I willed myself to calm down, threw up, and staggered to the couch to Google symptoms of a …

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Girls in SUVs Talking Out Loud to Jesus: How to Perfect Your Prayer Life

Girls in SUVs Talking Out Loud to Jesus: How to Perfect Your Prayer Life I know.  It has been a while.  I opened my laptop and stared at the blank screen for what seemed an eternity. A writer can get caught up in a personal head game of writer’s block and easily confuse it with early onset dementia. I may have both. Dementia and writer’s block that is… or I may be having some kind of crisis, midlife or otherwise.  …


If You Give a “Good” Christian Woman a Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie

If you give a good Christian woman a cookie… She will ponder her existence in Jesus. For if she is one with Jesus, she won’t need the cookie.  She only needs Jesus. However, if you give a Christian woman and cookie, and it is chocolate chip… homemade, and it is still a little warm, and she really wants that cookie, she may eat it.  And then, bathe in contempt. But, then she will remember, there is no condemnation in Jesus …

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How to Deserve the Cross

The Good News is Jesus died once – for all. We need not earn the gift of salvation. To earn it would make it a wage. To pay for it would make it a purchase. There are not enough hours in the week, nowhere to clock in and record the hours it would take to earn the Blood of Jesus. What would you even do? When would you arrive at a place where you could say, “Wooo, that was hard …

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False Accusations and The Savior of the World

Three Important Things to Remember About Jesus: Stop the False Accusations A false accusation, especially on the head of someone who is entirely humble is all the more pitiable.  Our oldest biological son John, aka the #marinebaby, recently called from his current assignment to tell us that we could take him off our cell phone plan.  He had gotten his own plan and his own phone. We breathed a sigh of relief. John, is a good boy, er man… devil …

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Stealing Jesus and Grace: When I Knew it Was Right

For the record, stealing is wrong.  It can change your life… forever. My first book, Stolen Jesus: An Unconventional Search for the Real Savior is on the shelves of Barnes and Noble.  Kathie Lee Gifford tweeted her adoration for it.  It rages a battle with 1991 classic written by Benny Hinn for the first place spot on Amazon in Christian Inspiration and teeters in the teens for religious humor. My agent said I wasn’t to speak of Stolen Jesus until …