I love pretty things….

I love shiny things, and I am easily distracted, luckily Jesus knows this about me… actually He made me like this. I rest in the fact that He made me fancy, compassionate, all girl, all give, and all lipstick, lace, and Sunday nap.  Jami Amerine

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I am every mom…

I have a married baby, a Marine baby, a college baby, a teen baby, and the vandals.  With some launched and one on the potty train these are some of the things I just must have, wish I had, and cannot live without!

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Fashion from 4 to 14.. and beyond

I confess, I can’t be tiny, but I love clothes. And I guess I love my curves.  There, I said it.  I think I actually finally like me and I am not going to apologize for that, this is a first.

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I love this…

No really, my skin has never been smoother. The fragrance is INCREDIBLE. And I cannot believe the difference in my pores and makeup coverage since I switched! Did I mention it smells FANTASTIC!!!!

I can’t walk, run or crawl

After I tore my plantar fasciitis and calf muscle it was impossible for me to find comfort until I found Vionic shoes.  They are serious relief for serious foot pain. And that includes heels, boots, and flip flops… yeah, really.

I feel pretty…

Yeah, I know it’s old fashion, and I don’t really care. I love old fashioned. and ….
I LOVE an Audrey Hepburn style! I say, bring back the A-line, I’ll go first!


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My Wellness

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Autoimmune Disease

Being sick cannot be the deciding factor  in my life,

being well has to be…

Some days I deal with mild fatigue, other days I can’t get out of bed and my joints ache and I can barely function.  It is altogether unfair, but people I have met like Rebecca Huff and Jaclyn Harwell have taught me a billion coping skills.

When Maggie, our oldest daughter started showing symptoms it was most depressing. But I would rather she know now than go through what I went through. The fact is she cannot have gluten, coming to terms with that is actually not limiting, it is freeing.  It allows her to be healthy.

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