Forgiveness Worksheet

By Jami Amerine M.Ed.

Copyright Jami Amerine Sacred Ground Sticky Floors 2019

This simple worksheet is a tool for you to use to record the actions as proposed in the post, Forgiveness for Real: How to Repair the Hole in Your Tent.  It is not meant for medical diagnosis or counseling implementation.

You are forgiven.

Do you believe you are forgiven?  Or do you dwell in the mire of believing you are not whole and complete?  On your own sheet of paper take a moment to process the work of the cross.  Do you believe you can do any one act or acts to catch up to the cross?

If you answered yes, stop what you are doing, and read the book of Hebrews.

This book in the bible, completely set me free in my law bound beliefs.

It was the first step out of the prison cell and into the light.

For more information on this I recommend my book Stolen Jesus, John Sheasby’s book, In my Father’s House, and Andrew Farley’s book, The Naked Gospel.  You can find links to these books in the blog post.

These are the questions to ponder and record in your journey to forgiveness.

  1. Who cut a hole in your tent? By this I simply mean, what offense, no matter how big or small, are you dealing with in the area of unforgiveness.  I recommend you write it all out. List every aspect of this hurt.
  2. Take a few minutes to get still and quiet and ask God to show you what He wants you to see about yourself and this hurt. Write down what you see, hear, or feel.
  3. Now, consider how a prayer for them benefits the situation. An example would be, a woman I coached* found out her husband was having an affair.  When he left she and their children he hid all of their money in his girlfriend’s account, leaving them with nothing.  The husband, who tended to be cruel to she and the children, was someone the woman now truly hated.  Her prayer time sounded like this in the beginning: “Please let him be happier in his new life.  In that happiness please let him become more compassionate toward me and the children. Please bless his work, please let that work provide the abundance he needs to provide for our children in a fair and just way.”  This was only the beginning of the journey.  But those small prayers turned into genuine real prayers.  Prayers, that she has since seen answered, and afforded her the ability to genuinely kill him with kindness and walk in the freedom of forgiveness.
  4. Pray this prayer

Heavenly Father, I believe you dwell in me.  Because of this, I am able to forgive ______________.  I know you are patient.  While this will be a process, I am committed to focus on what you show me in this situation.  I know you want restoration for

________________.  I believe you.  I believe what you say about them and me.  I want to focus on you, and not my sins, their sins, or this hurt.  Please work in me.  Grant me the power to view this situation the way you do.  I offer this/these prayers for them, to the best of my ability…. As I draw nearer to the truth of Christ in me, please expand on these prayers.  In Jesus name, Amen.

*Permission granted