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Stuff I Wish You'd Quit Saying

We’ve Been Up All Night Vomiting…

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Day 8 Stuff I Wish You’d Quit Saying: We’ve Been Up All Night Vomiting…

It is without a doubt, the one thing I NEVER want you to hear you say to me.  “We’ve been up all night vomiting.

Last year I was slain by the sisterhood of vomit haters. Furthermore, I was shocked to learn how many people are wandering the streets after having been up all night, VOMITING!

What is wrong with people?  And! How are they able to even get out of bed??? Perhaps it is my high functioning autoimmune disease that makes this low functioning vomiter unable to comprehend the ability to stand up after a night of clinging to the toilet.

Truly, I thought that a platform based on moms who hate the stomach bug was a stretch, but boy was I wrong! Many of you came crawling from your bathrooms to hit LIKE and SHARE and then… with quaking fingers, from the potassium depletion, you typed AMEN.

As we approach cold and flu season it is once again time to remind everyone: IF YOU ARE SICK STAY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Anniversary to the VOMIT BLOG.

Please share the POST, not your festering potato salad. #stopthevomit

May your floors be sticky and your vomit stay home. Love, Jami

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Yes!!!! Call me ungodly, whatever, but when I get sick I immediately think “who’s to blame? who didn’t stay home but spread this stuff?” Then my mind travels back through the days trying to figure out the culprit.

    1. jami_amerine says:


  2. When I worked in the public library service, it used to shock me the number of folk who brought their kiddies in because they were home from school sick. Quick…pass the hand santizer!

    1. jami_amerine says:


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