Welcome!  October is the 31-day writing challenge.  I am blogging every day of the month!  Gasp!  Hope to see you here! For the second year in a row the topic is STUFF I WISH YOU’D QUIT SAYING!!!!  Oi! Unleash the snark and let the games begin!!!!

2016 :Day One: Stop Saying….

Day 2: Day Two: Stop Saying I am Over-Reacting! 

Day3: Day Three: Lessons in Reproduction … stop talking!

Day 4: Day Four: Sending Good Thoughts 

Day 5: Day Five: Stop Apologizing for Your Divorce 

Day 6: Day Six: Get Back In Church

Day 7: Day Seven:  Think of the Alternative…

Day 8: Day Eight: We’ve Been Up All Night Vomiting…

Day 9: Day Nine: Will You Ask God For Me? 

Day 10: Day Ten: I Can’t 

Day 11: Day Eleven: Dear Netflix

Day 12: Day Twelve: He Was Such a Good Christian

Day 13: Day Thirteen: Two Good Reasons to Hate Joel Osteen

Day 14: Day Fourteen: No Offense, But….

Day 15: Day Fifteen: Raise Em Up Right

Day 16: Day Sixteen: Don’t Call Me Religious

Day 17: Day Seventeen: I Know EXACTLY How You Feel…

Day 18: Day Eighteen: Outstanding Ice Chickens and Full Frontal Nudity

Day 19: Day Nineteen: You Don’t Look Sick?

Day 20: Day Twenty: Stop Ruining Jesus for Everyone

Day 21: Day Twenty-One:When’s the Last Time They Had a Bath???

Day 22: Day Twenty-Two: Wait! Just LISTEN! That’s Not What I Said!

Day 23: Day Twenty-Three: Do Not Taste

Day 24: Day Twenty-Four: Sorry, But 

Day 25: Day Twenty-Five:If/Then Jesus 

Day 26: Day Twenty-Six: It’s Just  It’s Just 

Day 27: Day Twenty-Seven: Facebook, Hell, and Your Cat’s Safety

Day 28: Day Twenty-Eight: TEXTING

Day 29: Day Twenty-Nine: Yes, We Have No Shoeboxes 

30!!!!! Day Thirty: Are You His Real MOM?

Day 31!!!!!!!!!! Day Thirty-One


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  1. A FB friend shared your “open letter” I’m looking forward to reading your 31 days! GREAT graphic!

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  3. I am loving your blog!! Maybe you should do one about homeschooling. 🙂

    1. Ok… I’ll get one slated…❤️

      1. I am not a homeschooling mom, but one of my great friends is and she is getting a lot of negative comments about it. I support her in her choice and it bothers me that anyone would say something stupid to make her feel like she is doing something wrong. I am sure I could do it if I really had to but it would be a struggle for me. So may God bless all the homeschooling moms that rock it! 🙂

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