Jami Amerine and the Vandals Welcome!

Hello Friend,

Welcome to my blog! I am so glad you found me!

When my agent was first pitching my manuscripts, one of the things she was told was I needed to be one thing.  The houses asked, “Is she a foster mom? Adoptive mom? Marine Mom?  A stay at home guru? Wellness junkie? Foodie? Master of shiny things and shoes? Laundress?  Advocate?  Socialite? Convicted felon? She needs to be just ONE thing.”

But I could not.

There is more to me than the sum of my children. So, yes. I am a mommy blogger… And, I have biological children, adopted children, I have fostered… loved, and lost, and adopted. Also, I have a chronically ill child, learning disabled children, a genius, a Marine, a hippie, and well… the list goes on.

And here is where I write about all the things that shape me, and the One who defines me.  Jesus.

Jami Amerine and Rebecca  Huff welcome

Welcome, misfits, those of you who are not just one thing. Moms, aunties, grammies, step, rejected, perfect, and, purple hot wrecks alike.

We tread on the sticky, we rejoice in the sacred.

Rage on.

Love, Jami

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