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I love a good smoothie.  Yes, I basically run on smoothie power.

Any of you that know me know… I LOVE SMOOTHIES.   We drink a lot of smoothies at our house.  A lot.  And I am a busy gal.  It is easy to get into a habit of strawberry, banana, peach, orange, spinach, almond milk… repeat.

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And repeat.

Also, repeat.

But when something works it just works.  And the thing I love most about smoothies is that my younger kids LOVE them.  If not for my Vitamix, I can promise, spinach would never cross the lips of my vandal sons.  I have been known to add it to a chocolate chip milkshake.  Blended well, they never suspect that it was actually a salad.

So!  I got an invitation to try Green Blender, one of the new food delivery services on the rise!  And I was all in.  First of all, the price is great, and you do get a terrific discount on your first order.  (See Below)

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But I have to tell you, my favorite thing about the Green Blender program was it really pulled me out of a rut.  My first box came with separated ingredients in a cooler box for 4 different smoothies… smoothies I would have never ventured out and tried on my own.  There was Blueberry Punch, Orange Berry Basil, Kale Mango Glow, and Green Cucumber Mint.  And I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

smoothies inside


Blueberry Punch had summer squash, amla powder, organic blueberries and an organic banana.  I barely got a swallow as my six-year-old sucked it down! I have to interject, one of the drawbacks to trying new smoothie recipes is that you have to buy large amounts of certain ingredients to make it affordable.  But because Green Blender comes in readily divided portions there is no waste and no going in search of just one tsp. organic acai (which came with the Kale Mango Glow.)

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All this to be said, I am officially a GREEN BLENDER GAL.  I have tried other food delivery services, not for smoothies, and I wasn’t a fan.  So give it a try, the first order is $10 off and if you are a SMOOTHIE addict like me… it is a great way to add some diversity and fun to your smoothie routine!

AS PROMISED!  Here is our fave at home recipe!!!

Sacred Ground Sticky Floors Sneaky Spinach Smoothie

Yield 2-5 servings depending on size

This is our favorite go to smoothie... can't get enough of this fruity (with secret spinach) concoction! 


1 cup fresh or frozen peaches

1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

1 banana

1 Tbsp ground flax (optional0

1 cup orange juice

1/2 cup almond, coconut, soy, or whole milk

2 cups loosely packed organic spinach

2 cups filtered water (if using fresh not frozen fruit you can use ice in this step)


Add ingredients to the mixer and blend until smooth!  We use a Vitamix blender but we have also used a Ninja and a Nutribullet!

Courses Breakfast or Lunch

Cuisine Vegan or Vegeterian

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