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Mom Boss: Effective Advocacy

It is safe to assume if you are reading this, you are a curious a mom.  The title “mom,” rarely doesn’t have some descriptive attached to it. Soccer, bad, good, working, stay-at-home, world’s best, foster, adoptive, step, certainly I have left off a few, but you get the gist.   Mom is a mixed bag of love, reward, joy, pain, and sleeplessness.  It is only fair I warn you spring chicken moms, yes, newborns are hard.  The terrible twos were invented by …

Dear Momma of a Struggling Learner…. I Know. 6

Dear Momma of a Struggling Learner…. I Know.

Dear Momma of a Struggling Learner…. I know,  I saw you leave the office in tears.  Sitting in your car, you made the call, the one I made dozens of times. Either to a friend or your husband. They don’t understand. Another pill, another tutor, another plan – maybe this time he will catch up. Catch up with the others, be the same, meet the norm. They don’t understand. Maybe they call it difficult, obstinant, fidgety, disrespectful, distracted, sweet… but. …