falling into the arms of the real jesus

Falling into the Arms of the Real Jesus

Falling into the Arms of the Real Jesus Hey there! I am Jami Amerine and today’s episode is brought to you by Jennifer Willerton: Independent Beauty Consultant.  Follow this link to see all the AMAZING beauty and skin care products Jennifer offers and message her to learn about a special offer she has JUST FOR MY LISTENERS! And, you won’t believe what a great deal it is! AND, CHECK OUT THE AWESOME GIVEAWAY BELOW!!! Today we are talking about Falling …

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Just Jesus

How to Deserve the Cross

The Good News is Jesus died once – for all. We need not earn the gift of salvation. To earn it would make it a wage. To pay for it would make it a purchase. There are not enough hours in the week, nowhere to clock in and record the hours it would take to earn the Blood of Jesus. What would you even do? When would you arrive at a place where you could say, “Wooo, that was hard …

Stealing Jesus and Grace: When I Knew it Was Right 5
Just Jesus

Stealing Jesus and Grace: When I Knew it Was Right

For the record, stealing is wrong.  It can change your life… forever. My first book, Stolen Jesus: An Unconventional Search for the Real Savior is on the shelves of Barnes and Noble.  Kathie Lee Gifford tweeted her adoration for it.  It rages a battle with 1991 classic written by Benny Hinn for the first place spot on Amazon in Christian Inspiration and teeters in the teens for religious humor. My agent said I wasn’t to speak of Stolen Jesus until …

Jesus and the Sweet Tooth: Let that Crow Fly Friend 1
Just Jesus

Jesus and the Sweet Tooth: Let that Crow Fly Friend

I lost a dental implant.  When I say I lost it, I know where it is, and I cannot get it back.  No, really.  It actually isn’t even worthy of prose, but for the lunacy. It happened in the Walgreens parking lot.  I was reconciling my checkbook and making a grocery list.  Previously, while in Walgreens, I had let the kids, the vandals, my three and five-year-old sons, pick a treat, they picked gummy bears, while Sophie, my teen baby, …

BIG NEWS! The Easy Wife and #codenamecharlie 1

BIG NEWS! The Easy Wife and #codenamecharlie

God Forgot… Day 31 of Write 31 Days Stuff I Wish You’d Quit Saying: God Forgot No, He didn’t. He heard. He hears. The bottom line is, He moves how He moves and He saves how He saves. We cannot “make” Him do anything.  Although, I have wasted the better part of 40 years trying to navigate Him with my good works or lamenting His hatred of me when I have failed. I am sad I misunderstood. I regret the …