photo of cross saying the semi exact blood of jesus
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The Semi-Exact Blood of Jesus

Semi-exact… I wish I had said this before Donald Trump said it at the debate Monday night.  I am in love with the term. And I have already stated my thoughts on The Donald vs. Hilary.  I stand by this: This election isn’t the last straw. It’s not crushing the camel’s back. It might be the end of the world…  But what fear is there in that? I don’t recognize myself in the mirror lately. I hear words coming out …

Dear Moms – You are Freaking Amazing!

Dear Moms – You are Freaking Amazing!

Sunday, our 14-year-old daughter Sophie, in spite of inconvenience beyond measure, finagled her way to church. I know, appalling behavior, don’t worry she’s grounded for a week. We live thirty minutes from our church, on a ranch. I was out of town, 3 hours away. My husband was home alone with Sophie, Sam and Charlie (the vandals), and our one-year-old foster daughter. Sophie wanted to go to church. She got a ride into town with my sister, spent the night …