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Seated at the Right Hand of Surrender: Letting God

Seated at the Right Hand of Surrender: Letting God I can’t pick one word for the year.  The thing is, as a writer, words are my life.  Just one, well, that would be drivel. Still, the word that seems to most common lately is, surrender. It has been most profound in so many avenues.  Most assuredly in launching humans.  Our oldest daughter is married, our youngest “daughter,” our foster love, has been home with her restored mama for over a …

Just Jesus

Do Not Disturb

I may need a Do Not Disturb sign to hang over my face. I live in constant disruption. The world expects me to function at a higher level of cognizance.  I have the academic accolades, career potential, and “a way with words.” Still, this morning I got into a fight with our two-year-old son over his wet diaper. He insisted it was poopy, I insisted it was just wet. He demanded I change him, I argued he could either A. …

Just Jesus

The Gift I Have Refused

A Wednesday blog post …  Post by: Jami Amerine for Kelly Balarie  My dad and his older brother have a favorite tale they expose about their youth. Their younger brother was a studious boy. He would finish his homework and then go to bed before the sun went down, in an effort to be well rested for school the next day. After he’d been sound asleep for about an hour, my dad and his brother would wake their younger brother …