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Muddy: Clear Talk and A Good Father

Muddy: Clear Talk and A Good Father One of the reasons I don’t watch the news or venture far off my own Facebook page is because of what I call the muddy bleed. I have been busying myself with watercolors this week.  And I had an epiphany, or maybe it was just a sinus headache. Either way, I thought I would share.   In watercolor media, the bleed is my favorite part of the art.  I love when the colors magically …

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Three Prayer Truths: He Answered

Three Prayer Truths: He Answered If you were going to pray a big prayer, what would you ask for?  I know my next big prayer, and I know it is already answered.   Yes, I know, this sounds lofty.   But for the better part of seven months, my big prayer was for wisdom.   I chased it like a madwoman.  And while it sounds even loftier than the last statement, my prayer was answered.   Here is what I won’t do.  I will …

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Powerful Things to Pray For

Powerful Things to Pray For What are the most powerful things to pray for?   I am not a power-hungry person. Honestly, power-hungry people mystify me.  I have never really understood that desire. And you know the folks, the ones that are driven to dominate and control?  This is not a struggle of mine. Go ahead, you be in charge.   But as of late, I want my prayers to be powerful.   No, this is not the darkest season of my …

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How to Survive the Wilderness on a Road Less Traveled

How to Survive the Wilderness on a Road Less Traveled In grade school, I had to memorize a poem. If I am, to be honest, the one I picked was the easiest of those to chose from.  If you have read anything I have written before, you know, I was not a super gifted student.  Back then, it wasn’t so much the road less traveled, but the road that was the less intimidating… less destructive and would not amplify my …

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Miraculous Hiney Healing, Waiting, and Other Mysteries

Miraculous Hiney Healing, Waiting, and Other Mysteries I didn’t want to tell you this. The thing is, I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.  I will pray for you, please pray for me. Early in my writing career, which was about three years ago because I am still early in my writing career, I wrote a post that invoked venom and praise. Honestly, they don’t call me “Sunshine Rain” for nothing. So, the post, “Please Stop Praying …

“Dude!?!?!” and Other Inappropriate “Prayers” I Say to Jesus

“Dude!?!?!” and Other Inappropriate Things I Say to Jesus Here among the humans, which call me mommy, mom, Baby, Jami-Jo, and ‘Muuuuther,” insert premenstrual 16-year-old insolence, I am well known. They know. And the stuff they know, some of you know too. Because I am known for being… candid. Perhaps too much so, according to the one who calls me, “Baby.” However, he’s too quiet.  Which is why we make a great couple.  He rarely says anything, and I say …