Marine Mom: The Few, The Proud, The Hysterical 2

Marine Mom: The Few, The Proud, The Hysterical

I am in San Diego with my family and my son’s sweetheart. He just graduated from Marine Bootcamp. I am offically a Marine mom. Boo, aka Sugar Bum, is a Marine. Which makes me, Boo’s mom, a Marine mom. The draft ended in 1973, except for moms of the enlisted.  We still are being drafted.  The United States Military is still drafting moms. Military moms don’t get to decide. The first morning after graduation I found our Marine in the lobby …

Just Jesus

Theology vs. Geology

I was raised by a geologist. We took back roads and winding passes in search of isolated camp sites and undisturbed grounds. I was always proud to take my dad’s collection of trilobites and quartz to show and tell.  I loved to hear about dinosaur digs and ancient mysterious beasts. My parents were Christians, I wasn’t taught that evolution was the thing, but that God could do whatever He wanted.  Geology was another way to search Him out, to learn …