Just Jesus

Can I Just Stay Here a Little While?

It was an ugly cry; nostrils flaring; with an occasional snort/hiccup/whimper/wail. On my white blouse, there were traces of snot and black tears. I knew full well, this meant mascara was streaming down my cheeks and that I looked – dreadful. This made sense because this how I felt, dreadful.  And vain as I am, I didn’t care that I looked a wreck. Pieces of my heart were going to being left in this “men’s” dorm. My sons would now …

To My Sons: It's Time to Go.... 13

To My Sons: It’s Time to Go….

Oh John-John and Baby-Ku, my boys, my precious sons, it is time to go. In 72 hours we will help you move into the dorms. Nothing will ever be the same. Your absence in our halls will be deafening. But you need to go. You have brought us so much joy and yes, so much heartache. The days of worry will not cease. The days of loving you will never end.  Still, you need to go. Man-babies. I remember so …