When did "natural childbirth" start involving inflatable wading pools? 2

Natural Birth & Inflatable Swimming Pools

I am old. This is what the new batch of our babies have to look forward to. They have an old mom. And she’s way behind the times. They will to go school with kids that were birthed into swimming pools… In their living rooms! Am I new? I am just hearing about this. I saw the Duggars doing “natural” deliveries in a bath tub..

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The salt water burned my eyes.  If I was pulled to the depths one more time, I wouldn’t be coming back.  Between the strong undertow and bikini top wrapped around my neck; I was surely about to die.  Modesty out the window, I broke the surface for the last time and yelped “help!” As an ADD-dyslexic myself, I have been known, on occasion, to misread, misinterpret, miscalculate, and generally miss, instructions, rules, and warnings.  Call me a free spirit, I …