hopelively for women

Hopelively for Women

Hopelively is a Facebook community for women who cherish wellness.  The group started by myself and Rebecca Huff of thatorganicmom.com is administrated by me, Rebecca, and Lorraine Reep of Grace and Graffiti. How can you benefit? Hopelively is a group designed to encourage women in all stages and wellness to seek Jesus in all things. Here is the great news is, no matter where you are in your health journey, whether highs or low… sickness and health, HE is ever …

How to Achieve Health and Happiness in ONE Easy Step 2
Just Jesus

How to Achieve Health and Happiness in ONE Easy Step

Health and happiness. Two things I often attribute conditional… one to the other. My post yesterday had me thinking about another aspect of my time in Venezuela and an open-air hotel room on the coast. Two rooms, one for my parents and one for my sister and myself, my dad told us we could pick which room we wanted.  The bellboy said, “Por favor, señor, solo esta habitación tiene la iguana…” We knew just enough Spanish to deduct one of the …