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Breaking the Habit of Unbelief

Breaking the Habit of Unbelief Why am I awake at 3 am writing about the habit of unbelief? Well, we could be superstitious and assume I just wasn’t sleeping well. But I was sleeping well. And this is usually how it works, at least for me. You are welcome to doubt this. And I suspect some might. But I believe it because it happens to me often. Experience encourages my belief. And with 3 days until Christmas, the celebratory season …

Comfort Zone
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Increasing Faith Outside the Comfort Zone

Increasing Faith Outside the Comfort Zone Tis the season to reflect and take stock of my belief, or perhaps my unbelief.  Frankly, I am most stunned by all the years I have basked in the comfort zone of unbelief.  Maybe this is shocking, I mean, I believe in the Virgin Birth and Death and resurrection of my Jesus. I have two books that testify to my commitment.  A third is on the way.   In the process of writing the third, …

justifying Jesus
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Justifying Jesus: Memory & Belief 

Justifying Jesus: Memory & Belief Justifying Jesus is by far the greatest hindrance I have experienced in my faith walk.  I cannot type fast enough. My cheeks are aching, from smiling, all night. No, I haven’t slept, and I do not care.  Y’all, I just laughed out loud.   I do not doubt, in this life of half-hearted belief, I have been sustained.  In spite of me and rouge, somewhat authentic Christian teachings, I have survived a mad-man of a god, …

part-time Jesus
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Part-Time Jesus: Half-Hearted Belief

Part-Time Jesus: Half-Hearted Belief I have come to recognize a part-time Jesus or half-hearted belief system ruling the days of my life. In all fairness, I am a busy girl.  But I am not here to make excuses. Here, at the moment, is a lonely little hotel suite deep in the heart of downtown Houston.  I came here to finish my book, book three, “Well, Girl: An Inside Out Journey to Wellness.”   Not to brag, but I have the whole …

things to pray for
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Powerful Things to Pray For

Powerful Things to Pray For What are the most powerful things to pray for?   I am not a power-hungry person. Honestly, power-hungry people mystify me.  I have never really understood that desire. And you know the folks, the ones that are driven to dominate and control?  This is not a struggle of mine. Go ahead, you be in charge.   But as of late, I want my prayers to be powerful.   No, this is not the darkest season of my …

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Worry: Borrowing Tomorrow’s Trouble, Today

Worry: Borrowing Tomorrow’s Trouble, Today I am really good at worry.  Personally, I worry whenever I get a chance.  I go big or go home, where I also worry.   Chalk it up to my Texan heritage. Here in Texas, we have some creative expressions. Truth be told, they are genius, but for the drawl. Which makes them sound a little, well less than Shakespearean. My father-in-law, God bless him, had some doozies.  Truthfully, we use them to this day.  Actually, …