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Just Jesus

The Hardest Part: Believing Big

Lately, I have been believing big. Like, really big.  The hardest part of believing big is the enemy. He is literally the worst.   I have had a lot of time alone.  In the last two weeks, I have been deep in what I and many of my writer friends call, the writer’s hidey-hole.  And it is there, I get to meet with Jesus in a very dear way.   The book of Romans is where I nested, and I could have …

life's not fair

Well, Girl: Life’s not Fair

 Well, Girl: Life’s not Fair Life’s not fair.  I could stop there, no explanation is needed right?  Because I would bet money that there is no one the planet that hasn’t been exposed to things that just don’t make sense in the world of right and fair.   And, after school clothes shopping with my seventeen-year-old daughter, this is what I was thinking, life’s not fair.  As a mother, someone says this to me, in my home, 40-50 times a day. …

Namaah by Jami Amerine

Consider This: Namaah, the Wife of Noah

Consider This: Namaah, the Wife of Noah Namaah woke with a startle. It took only seconds to reconnect with her dolorous existence. In a breath, the familiar companion of nausea ran circles around her. She would have vomited, again, but there was nothing left to purge. Her throat burned from the last episode. She squeezed her eyes shut, desperate to stabilize herself. With her eyes closed, her nose was forced to stimulate. The putrid stench of her atmosphere was magnified. …

Just Jesus

Drama Mama: Done, Doner, Donest

“I’m Done.” I didn’t want to start another post with drama and madness.  Alas, my life is madness. And, honestly, this is probably not news to you.  But, if it is, welcome. I am writing this from a Ramada Inn in Waco, Texas.  And I am on my way to West Texas for our Marine Baby’s wedding on Saturday.  I was supposed to be there on Sunday, but I have been too sick to travel, with either a sinus infection or …

single momma

Single Momma, I Wanted You to Know

Single Momma, I Wanted You to Know I am not single. I have been married for 26 years.  This actually surprises me.  Not because I don’t love my husband, but because, he still puts up with me.  The thing is, I am pretty high maintenance.  Wait, that sounded a bit muted. I am very high maintenance. Also, I am not a feminist, although, my daughter tells me that I am because feminist doesn’t mean I am burning my bra or …

how to worship by Jami Amerine M.Ed.

The Correct Way to Worship God:  Spoiler Alert, Nailed It!

The Correct Way to Worship God:  Spoiler Alert, Nailed It! The seventh day is upon us. Whether the seventh day is my 6th or yours is my 7th, the day of “rest” is old covenant law, still, greatly wanted. I appreciate this about God. “Take the day friend!” “Also, I gift you with sleep.  A fascinating state where you remain alive and breathing, horizontally and unconscious.  While you do this, I, your Maker, command your brain to play with unicorns …