31 favorite children's books

31 MUST Have Favorite Bedtime Children’s Books!

Oh but story time… I really do love it.  Maybe that is the only reason behind my need to continue to invite people to live with me?  I love children’s books.  And I do love to read to my little people.  Among my other favorites is to gift these to new mommas… cause, you gotta start somewhere! It was a hard list to narrow, but here it is… My top 25 most beloved children’s books with links to each! (click …

A Letter to My Children: #MeToo and #NeverYou 2

An Open Letter to My Children: #MeToo and #NeverYou

An Open Letter to My Children: #MeToo and #NeverYou As I joined the rally cry #MeToo… I dreaded all the ways I allowed creeps, losers, weirdos, and perverts – to somehow define me. Instead of rage of electric femininity or pride in everything I know to be true of me, I slunk away or laughed like it was somehow okay. The fine line is easily blurred by a media powerhouse that tends to the atrocities on Wednesday morning, but by Saturday Night, caters to …