I heard a noise coming from the loft outside our bedroom door
Just Jesus

Think of the Alternative…

Day 7: Write 31 Days Stuff I Wish You’d Quit Saying… Think of the Alternative The other night, at 2:00 am I woke up because I heard someone in the loft outside our bedroom door. I set my ear and listened. I heard the television switch on, and then some rattling noises. Justin rotated, rolled and snored. Wearily, I got up, slipping on my fuzzy house shoes and robe.  I opened the door to find our two-year-old vandal son, Charlie …

Stuff I Wish You'd Quit Saying: Sending Good Thoughts 2

Stuff I Wish You’d Quit Saying: Sending Good Thoughts

Stuff I Wish You’d Quit Saying: Sending Good Thoughts I have a dear friend who is on her 2nd round of chemotherapy. She is brave. And she is wise. Oh my, she is strong. She loves Jesus and a good portion of her support group is believers in Jesus. On chemo days she lets us know, via Facebook that she’s headed in for a treatment and asks us to lift her up in prayer. However, in the comment section, I …

31 Things I Wish You'd Stop Saying:  Day 3 "I Cant..."

31 Things I Wish You’d Stop Saying: Day 3 “I Cant…”

I can’t argue with him. I can’t take him to library time in this get-up, or lack there-of. I can’t get enough coffee in me to make it to nap time. I can’t chase “baaman” and the naked boy wonder. I can’t finish my blog posts. I can’t register the 17-year-old for the PSAT. I can’t run another forgotten lunch to the school. I can’t face make-up, and I can’t face dealing with my hair. I can’t face the gym. I can’t face another meatloaf. I can’t get the bills mailed. I can’t believe the number on the scale. I can’t sign up for Weight Watchers… again. And I can’t open the sippy cup I just found under the bed, it is moving and has a pulse. I just can’t.

And Then a Riot Broke Out in Target! 2

And Then a Riot Broke Out in Target!

I was dropping Sophie (our 13-year-old) at piano lessons, and one of the toddlers said, “bye-bye Bobbie! I wub you. Dank du!” Another toddler responded, “No! Bebe, you using da wrong WORBS! It’s bye-bye GOGIE! And you don’t say dank you to her. She didn’t gib you nuffin’…”

The wrong words.

I had 126 messages this morning when I woke up. An Open Letter to My Children has gone out into the cyber world and had itself a heck of a run. This morning it had been viewed 500,000 times on Word Press. It was republished on For Every Mom and has been shared over 7,000 times on that site. And while some of you may think that is a crying shame let me use my words to say a few things.