Jami Amerine studio

It’s a studio page! Yes, I am finally adding a studio page to the blog!  This is a great link to get to what you are looking for!

Since I was old enough to pick up a crayon I have LOVED all things art.  And, like most young girls, this is all I wanted as a child, to grow up and make a living as an artist.  Somewhere after the 8th grade, those dreams were put out of my mind.  I feel like this happens to so many of us.  And I propose it is the reason that Bible journaling has become so very popular.

We got our crayons back.

We were created by a creative Father, in His image.  And no matter what your craft, be it paint, letter and word, or accounting, to produce something that expresses who we are and what we love is life-giving.  Furthermore, the world associates certain branches of creativity as less than.  The myth of the starving artist can be debunked, simply by the size of my butt.  I am not starving.  Granted, my art is only just now starting to pay all the bills, but my dreams were not forgotten by my Creator.

In the midst of this creativity, I got the bright idea to start a website for my art and an Etsy shop to help better provide.

This was MUCH more work than I could have predicted.  So, I am linking jamiamerinestudio.com here and my Etsy shop here, but I do not update the studio as often as I do this page or my Etsy shop.

Either way, you can find me and my creations on any of these sites.

And now you can find me on Redbubble too!

Either way, you can find me and my creations on any of these sites.


You can also email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or if you are looking for something specific.  I do commission work, the picture below was created for a counseling center.  And I do require a 50% deposit for large commissioned pieces.

Jami Amerine’s Studio is the place to find the goods!

In addition to my art, you can find one of a kind jewelry, crosses, stationery, and t-shirts in my shop.  Our T-shirt, “Be Still: Seriously, Y’all need to calm down” is a best seller on Etsy!  It is the only place to find it and many other fun and unique t-shirt. We have a wide variety of “Jesus be all over you,” shirts and keychains and other jewelry too!

My husband, Justin and I also do custom t-shirt printing for large events, team and school activities, or just because.  Just ask!

Support small business and get some great deals and unique treasures at Jami Amerine’s studio!  Go on… you know you want to!

Jesus be all over you!  Love, Jami

Check it out!  Jami Amerine’s Studio on Etsy!t-shirts by Jami Amerine Studio

And you can find me on Redbubble too!  Check it out!