“I Am” Bedtime Routine for the Heart


Speak truth into the heart of your child!  With these sweet words, original art works and scripture, you can organize what you say and speak against the struggle!I am


“I Am” Bedtime Routine for the Heart

I am so excited about the “I Am” Bedtime Routine for the Heart, I can hardly stand it!  It already has a bestseller badge on Etsy!

But, I would rather see you here!

My older children would tell you, I would always tell them who they were, not what their struggle was.

I remember this most vividly when my son Luke was about 13. This was absolutely the hardest season of my parenting journey.

Luke was in big trouble. The death of a close family friend sent him spiraling out of control.

And I remember, all his friends called him “Pastor Luke,” prior to his fall.

That is what I would say to him.

“You are not a delinquent.”

“Baby, you are not an addict or a criminal.”

“You are self-control.”

“And, you are compassion.”

I spoke to his heart, You are pastor Luke.

To the same extent, we said this to the other children. Our son John, who struggled with dyslexia, was told on the regular. You are clarity. And, you are a genius. You are a leader.

What I have come to realize is this. It made a difference. But it wasn’t until someone said this to me, and I was left in terror.

“Sam will have an identity crisis because he has no history.”

And another, “If Charlie’s birth parents struggled with addiction, he probably will too.”

My four older children are all successful and balanced. Luke found his truth, he is definitely pastor Luke. But what if, instead of me telling him who he was, he spoke that truth into existence? I guess you could argue his struggles made him stronger, and more compassionate. But, it was hard… risky.

And I fully believe life isn’t meant to be lived up to chance. We were created by a Creative genius who told us that life was meant to be lived in abundance. Our words matter, but the subconscious is formed in the early years.

The world is loud. And the heart hears.

I want my young sons to have a voice of truth that in burned into their brains, not just called on when they are desperate.

So, young Charlie has been struggling with self-control at school. Every day I was reminding him of who I believed he was. And that is when I started doing the “I am” bedtime routine.

My boys love this more than anything.

They tell everyone about it. And while Charlie’s behavior is changing, so is his confidence. And, Sam’s self-worth has skyrocketed.

My goal is to make this a routine for millions of parents. As a matter of fact, I feel so called to this, I will be so bold as to say, I AM GOING TO BRING “I Am” Bedtime Routine for the Heart TO MILLIONS OF PARENTS.

Furthermore, my hope is to eventually have hard copies published and give copies to foster care agencies all over the country. Can you imagine, even if it was just one night, of speaking these truths into the lives of foster children?

So I have drawn pictures for each of the I Am declarations. You print this, I printed mine on card stock, 2 declarations on each 8.5×11 sheet. Cut them in half.

There are three options.

If you are in the mood for spending some time one night, read the whole card.

If it has been one of those days, just do the I Am and the scripture.

And if it is simply TIME FOR BED… just do the declarations.

Some nights we do it all, other nights I let them pick three cards each, and I just do those declarations.

But I propose, this is a methodical and loving way to not only speak truth over your child or children but a way to get them to speak this truth about themselves!

Also included are some blank cards. Neither of my young sons struggles with learning but say your child is. You can create a card for the opposite of their struggle.

I am a scholar.
Or I am attentive.
I am a great student.
Or, what if they are in the middle of drama or bullying?

I am a safe landing.
And I am trust.
I am friend.

This is a speak truth program.

I think you are about to embark on a whole new way of saying goodnight… with the whole truth of who your child is…. I am thrilled for you and your littles!

And I am so excited as these downloads sell to get closer to my goal of providing foster families with free copies.

Get yours now! I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Jesus be all over you! Love, Jami

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