Beloved Living: A Companion Study to Well Girl


Want more from your journey to wellness?  Well, Girl, here it is.  Scripture, art, journal prompts, and coloring pages too!  Go deep, wellness is now.


Hello Beloved Living Seeker,

Thank you for trusting me with your time. I pray this in-depth look at the journey of wellness from the inside out is the first step into your journey to freedom!

If you have read any of my books, you know I am nothing if not candid. In the spirit of that candidness, I confess this study was created after publication, and it was done on my behalf by my mother – as I was too ill to even go back through my own book. I promise I will explain.

My mom who is also a writer went through the book for me and made notes. Those notes ended up blessing me, because like I said, I was in a season on “unwellness” and unrest, (yeah, my next book releases 11/21 and is called, Rest, Girl.) Still, He is good. And His goodness sustained me and restored me. 

Beloved living is not contingent on wellness.

The thing about wellness, that is often neglected to be addressed is that wellness is often fluid. You can be at the finish line of the much-anticipated marathon… and darn it if you aren’t completely hobbled for months on end.Suddenly all that hard work is slipping through your fingers and you wonder, what went wrong?

The slippery slope many of us fall into is that our physical wellness is a reflection of our spiritual wellness. In this space, we fall victim to the enemy of the mind and begin to question… everything.

Yes, I speak from experience.

About 4 and a half months after the release of Well, Girl, I slept in a bed I wasn’t accustomed to, on a memory foam mattress. I woke with a pinched nerve in my neck. After several days of home treatment, yoga stretches, heat, and ice, I was still very uncomfortable. I ventured to a chiropractor in late January of 2021, and that is about all I remember.

The next thing I knew, it was May. Those missing months were a blur of pain like I have never experienced, scans, doctor appointments, therapy, treatments, and… loss.

Beloved living is often missed in the mayhem.

I questioned my faith, my ministry, my future, and my ability to be a wife and mother to the family I love. On this side of recovery and restoration, I know, that sounds dramatic. But, again, in the spirit of candidness, it was bad. As bad as asking God to heal me or end me. And as any good mother would, in my coherent moments, I was assaulted with guilt.

Humanness is hard. Mothering humans, harder.

However, I am happy to come to you and offer this study, of my third book, Well, Girl, having experienced this awful season, because I am just a girl. I have read the books and done the studies by the ultra-fit and the uber “well,” and they always left me feeling unable to keep up, and disenchanted by the comparisons.

And so with help from my mama, the miraculous care of my husband, excellent medical treatment, and the tender loving restoration of the Lord of my heart, I am not climbing out of the pit perfect, but I am much better. And I am here to walk with you in your pursuit of freedom and to testify,

He is who He says He is.

He saves and restores.

I am just a girl, entirely loved and adored by a good Father.

He does not change… He is eternally merciful.

Beloved living is living well, always.

It is indeed… well.

Jesus be all over you,

Love, Jami


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