Jami Amerine’s Books

Jami Amerine has 2 books! This is where you can find more information about Stolen Jesus and Sacred Ground Sticky Floors! AND coming in August of 2020… Well, Girl: An Inside Out Journey to Wellness!  I am so glad you are here!  Jesus be all over you!  Love, Jami

Raves for Stolen Jesus!

“When the grace of God collides with our candid admission of failure, the result is often laughter and joy. Stolen Jesus does not shy away from the hurts inflicted by messed-up religion, yet this is the funniest Christian book I have read. Thank God for honest authors like Jami Amerine who are brave enough to write about life as it is.”

Paul Ellis, author of Stuff Jesus Never Said

“Jami Amerine’s Stolen Jesus will steal your heart and compel you to keep turning the pages!

If you feel as though you are on shaky ground in your walk with Jesus, this book will leave you standing on solid ground.”
Anna LeBaron, author of The Polygamist’s Daughter

“As mere mortals, we tend to create different versions of Jesus our own experiences.

Jami Amerine’s fearless and funny categorization of her collection of different Jesuses is something to experience.

Not only will you want to pay real money just to be in the backseat of her car during her next Starbucks run (because you will…), but this book will make you want to go deeper; truly examining your own Jesus collection and paring it down to one, true, Savior.”
Kathi Lipp, author of The Husband Project, Clutter Free, and Overwhelmed

Jami Amerine takes the reader on a tender, riveting, multifaceted journey in Stolen Jesus.

The Jesus she discovers in the New Covenant is like a cool glass of water after spending years in a relentless fiery furnace. There nothing mundane about this author and absolutely nothing boring in the poignant words of Stolen Jesus.”
Tracy Levinson, author of Unashamed

“Jami Amerine announces, ‘I broke up with Jesus!’

She does a good job of saying the things we all feel. Of searching for what we all want to find. And of refusing to settle for easy answers. I started reading her journey and ended up journeying right along with her. Thank you, Jami, for your humorously serious quest to find the Real Jesus.”
Kay Marshall Strom, 21st-century abolitionist

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While writing Stolen Jesus I had a post-it note on my computer that read: “Set Captives Free…” I had no idea ~ I meant me. The Real Jesus is the most overwhelming love I have ever known. I won’t go back, He is with me, He is for me… He is the real deal.


And Sacred Ground Sticky Floors!

“It takes good writing to hold my attention. I only read authors who entertain me, share authentically, impart deep wisdom and are relatable.

Jami Amerine is every bit of this and more.

She’s every woman, and I find my story in hers with each word she writes. Who else can find herself cleaning sticky floors one minute and in the backseat of a cop car the next? She’s my kind of girl, and I’ll read anything she writes. You should too.”
Carey Scott, author of Unafraid

“To be a parent is to fail again and again, yet you can’t quit. Little lives literally depend on your ability to keep going.

Parenting is the toughest gig around, which is why I’m thankful for champions like Jami Amerine.

Jami understands that parenting is a holy calling, and she knows that the secret to good parenting is in receiving the unconditional love of a perfect Parent. Hilarious and heart-breaking, Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors is a guilt-busting journey to freedom. I wish I had read it years ago.”
Paul Ellis, author of AD 70 and the End of the World

“In Sacred Grounds, Sticky Floors, Jami Amerine expertly weaves together touching (and often hilarious) personal anecdotes with sound biblical teaching, creating a beautiful tapestry of grace.

Whether she is encouraging us to let go of our ‘If/then’ theology, reminding us that our children’s struggles do not define us, or urging us away from the trap of comparison, Jami is at all times pointing us to the completed work of the cross and the abundant grace it provides. This is not just a book about parenting. It is a book about freedom. A book abounding in grace. If you have ever found yourself longing for meaning among the mess of life, Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors is sure to encourage and uplift your soul.”
Jennifer Marshall Bleakley, author of Joey

“Jami Amerine is the kind of wordsmith who compels me to hang on every word she pens.

Her unbridled authenticity, humor, brilliant yet poignant nuances captured me from the very start. Who else could write, ‘Moms grow guilt like placenta and back fat,’ yet turn around and encourage you that ‘the living God wanders your halls’? This book is dripping in New Covenant grace and highly worth your time!”
Tracy Levinson, author of Unashamed

Jami Amerine had me laughing and crying in the same chapter.

She passes out grace like candy and it was so sweet for my weary mother soul. This book reminds us that our home is our mission field. Even when that mission field is messy and chaotic and sticky, it is still holy.”
Natalie Gwyn, author of Okayest Mom

“Jami Amerine is a master word-weaver.

Each chapter is filled with deep spiritual truths and either hilarious or terrifying real-life stories of life in the trenches, life as a mom. She writes with raw truth about the art and survival of motherhood in her must-read new book. ‘There isn’t a formula for this,’ she writes, ‘there’s only the kid in front of you.’ Mothering, ultimately, is a journey of loving and then letting go. It’s the toughest part of parenting, this holy, hard giving back. As we release our children into God’s mysterious purpose, Jami reminds us that we are all fishers of men.”

Kate Battistelli, author of The God Dare and Growing Great Kids

“Jami Amerine is far from a perfect parent, but in her hilariously honest and self-deprecating storytelling, she points to the One who is.

Reminding us whose we are and who our children really belong to, Jami helps us let go of control, untangle our own self-worth from our kids’ performance, and start marveling in their own unique makeup. A must-read for any mom who wants to stay sane and uncover the sacred ground beneath her feet.”
Niki Hardy, author of Breathe Again