thyroid disease

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease in 1998, about 4 months after our son John was born.

During my pregnancy with John, I had gained almost no weight.  He was a pretty healthy baby, although our smallest baby, I was smaller than I had ever been when I left the hospital.

Four months later, I bigger than I had ever been.

My hair was falling out.

My joints ached.

I had horrible acne.

And I could not keep my eyes open.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and put on Synthroid…. and I got worse.

It wasn’t until a friend at church, a dear man with a fervor for the unconventional, offered to be my doctor and try Naturthroid for me that I started healing.  Thyroid disease is very serious.  It limits your ability to absorb nutrient, metabolize calories, and it wreaks havoc on life.

I had so much guilt and self-hatred for my inability to stay awake it cost me gravely.

I have plans to update this page often.  Educating yourself and listening to your body are key to finding balance.  I am including links to my favorite books. But know this, you just must take what advice you can use and use it… the rest, listen to your body.  What works for me, sure might not work for you.


You can follow me on Pinterest and here to learn with me.  Wellness is a journey, not a finish line.  Be patient with yourself, as God is patient with you.  Things like extreme exercise are not for me,  it only aggravates my condition.  Coming to terms with this and finding peace, that surpasses understanding have taken a while.  But I am so glad to be here now.

What’s your thyroid story?  I would love to hear it!  You can join my Facebook Wellness Community Hopelively and check out my Wellness Page for things I love… and things that I don’t!

May your floors be sticky and your health be well…. Jesus be all over you!

Love, Jami

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