the word is lamp unto my feet

My hope comes from the Lord…

This is not always true. But I’d like to think I hope in Him at least 70% of the time.

And my husband is fascinated by my mind – describing it as a one-woman circus: the wanderings – the frolicking ideas.

I do not know when I first had the idea. And I am pretty sure it might be a bad one. But – it’s 3:20 am, and I am awake for the 5th night in a row, at the same time, with the same idea.

Hope Lively.

I have had five days of success.  My educational philosophy is success breeds success. At my core, which is on fire from 5 days of Pilates, I believe that if you have success, you are encouraged to stay the course.

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But if success breeds success and I fail constantly – then what?

My hope comes from the Lord…  And my hope is lively.

So I have said it out loud, well on my iPhone.  But I know I am going to post it. I know I am going to expose further my weaknesses and my trials and the humanity. Partly because I am a mess, and partly out of obedience.

And this is what is keeping me awake.


hope livelyHope Lively.

Hope Lively will be a private social media group on Facebook and a page on my blog Sacred Ground Sticky Floors. The goal will be to create a community of believers seeking wellness and cheering each other on through the stickiness of life.

In a recent blog post, Results Not Typical, which I absolutely did not want to write, I talked about my wellness struggles. I was so shocked at the overwhelming response to this post. Moreover, I was so encouraged to hear from so many beautiful women with some of the same struggles.

I had shied away from writing about health issues and chronic conditions because it can be hard to make these situations comical – or anything but dreadful. And then, another piece that was terribly hard for me to write, I am Chronically with You, was picked up by a large syndicate this week. And I know the reason it is being embraced is because so many women struggle with the same issues I exposed about myself in that piece. In the same way, that success breeds success – hope breeds hope.

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And hope is nurtured through encouragement. By the unity of knowing you’re not alone, that others are struggling in similar ways, climbing out, falling and having been where you are.

I was reminded of this a couple of days ago after one of my sons did poorly on an exam. I said, “You can do this! It’s not easy; I know your dyslexia makes it harder. I am praying for you. You’re going to get this.” And he said,  “I hope so.”

I hope.

And I have a chronic illness that makes wellness harder. I struggle to lose weight. I have chronic pain and fatigue. And I will expand more on this, you needn’t have these issues to join forces with Hope Lively. Anything that is keeping your wellness goals at bay could be reason enough to join this group.

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I will post scripture. I will send out cheers. I will pray for you and ask for prayers. I will share with you what is working and what is not. Together with my friend Rebecca at, you can be encouraged, find recipes, ask questions or just holler “someone make me go to the gym!” I hope you will do the same should you decide to subscribe.

More details are below – maybe now I can get some sleep.


May your floors be sticky, your calling ordained … And may your Hope be Lively!  Love, Jami

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Including links to some of my favorite wellness tools… Tools for my work in progress.



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