curly girl sisterhood

Of all the struggles… gorgeous hair wasn’t among things I counted burdensome. Truly, I believed I was cursed.

I brushed, blow-dried, crimped and tortured my locks… I couldn’t manage them. So I crushed them… and my curly spirit.

My hair is thinner now.  And it never really forgave me.  I can go semi-curly or straight… but I am temperamental that way.

And then came Maggie.

Maggie is my first born.  Her curls can’t be contained… and she has no interest in containing them.  Once in a grocery store a woman said, “OH! LOOK AT THOSE CURLS!  I BET YOU HATE THEM!” And Maggie said, “ARE YOU CRAZY?  My curls are AWESOME!”

The master of all things curly, hair bows, and bags full of bugs… Here she is: MARY MARGARET AMERINE

Just now I went to the grocery store and the cashier said, “Do you know the blogger Jami Amerine?? You look just like her! You should totally look her up.” It’s not that funny because I’d much rather be famous for my curly hair than for my mom. Or for my actor fiance for that matter. I’m basically famous in Abilene for being “that hilarious ACU actor from all those amazing shows girlfriend” and “that famous blogger’s look alike”.

But I still get a lot of random compliments for my curly hair and that didn’t happen over night. Taking care of and trying to understand my curls has been a life long process and I’m sure it will never end. About once a year my curls decide they don’t like the product I’ve been using and they start losing their minds. monsters inc snake hair

My favorite curly girl tricks include:

  1. NEVER sleeping on my hair wet. Unfortunately, you will have to shower in the mornings. Or stick your head in the sink and wet your hair.
  2. NEVER brush your curls. I’m serious. Flip your wet, condition-full hair in the shower and run your fingers through it. Then flip back over and do it again. Brushing your curls wet, dry, or whatever will break them up. Having curly hair is basically a life long process of training your curls to stay curls and not to turn into stupid broom strands.
  3. Leave a little conditioner in your hair after the shower. I don’t like to use a leave in conditioner because it leaves my hair feeling heavy. Just a little left over conditioner from the shower (and I mean A LITTLE) does wonders.
  4. Try Dove’s curl defining mousse. It is made from the tears and kindness of The Lord and it could cure all of your problems and save your marriage. It isn’t crunchy and it leaves my curls feeling happy. Also, I’ve been using it for two years (actually the ONLY PRODUCT my hair never tires of) and my curls just keep getting better so they must like it too.

[clickToTweet tweet=””it could cure all of your problems and save your marriage. #curlygirl”” quote=””it could cure all of your problems and save your marriage. #curlygirl”]


5. Use your old t-shirt and scrunch your curls. Drying them with a towel will make them frizzy! Or, if you’re fancy, use a micro-fiber towel. 

6. If you have time, dry your hair naturally! The less heat on your lovely tresses the better. But, if you are going to use heat, use a defuser. Defusers changed my life. I didn’t know that I would ever be able to blow dry my hair but alas, I can now.

7. Trust all things Devacurl.