Y'all listen up now, ya hear? 2 road ahead
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Y’all listen up now, ya hear?

Here in Texas, we have a way of destroying the boundaries of solid grammatical truths.  Years ago, when my parents were living in Venezuela, I left a message with my dad’s secretary.  Once the message was relayed it became a big joke that she had understood that I needed help repairing something.  Actually, what I said was, “I was fixing to go out of town.” Y’all may not get that if you’re not from ’round here. My Utahan grandmother used to …

busy work
Just Jesus

Busywork: Letting Go, Letting God

The Busywork of Stopping Me I wonder what wonderful things God could get done if He didn’t have to mess with the busywork of stopping me. The searing pain was second only to the acidic burn perforating a hole in my brain. Words do not do the fiasco justice.  I had suffered from a sinus infection for two weeks.  I had two days until I was to travel, alone, well with my mom, but no kids, to California for The …