I told you so
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“I Told You So” Sayeth Sidney & the Lord

“I Told You So” Sayeth Sidney & the Lord “I told you so.”  This is my latest mantra.  Unfortunately, it is accompanied by Randy Travis’ 1987 country hit, “I Told You So.”  Which brings back some 1987 memories, I would rather not recount.   But enough about me.   I have this aunt, she is my dad’s only baby sister.  The fourth of five children, she is the eternal hippie.  Not long ago she was sitting at my parents’ kitchen table braiding …

prayer he answered
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Three Prayer Truths: He Answered

Three Prayer Truths: He Answered If you were going to pray a big prayer, what would you ask for?  I know my next big prayer, and I know it is already answered.   Yes, I know, this sounds lofty.   But for the better part of seven months, my big prayer was for wisdom.   I chased it like a madwoman.  And while it sounds even loftier than the last statement, my prayer was answered.   Here is what I won’t do.  I will …

recognize truth
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Recognizing the Truth: Here, Now

Recognizing the Truth I crave the truth.  Most definitely, I want to recognize it the moment I see it.  And yes, sometimes the truth is hard to face. Yet, I still want to be in the know.  As a mom of many, I have a keen eye for a scam.   Face it, kids will try and deceive for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps, if you are like me, this is your superpower. Certainly, we are all well trained in the …

habit unbelief
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Breaking the Habit of Unbelief

Breaking the Habit of Unbelief Why am I awake at 3 am writing about the habit of unbelief? Well, we could be superstitious and assume I just wasn’t sleeping well. But I was sleeping well. And this is usually how it works, at least for me. You are welcome to doubt this. And I suspect some might. But I believe it because it happens to me often. Experience encourages my belief. And with 3 days until Christmas, the celebratory season …

stop it
Just Jesus

Stop It: A Brand New Mind

So you want to stop it?  You want to experience everything promised to you, create a new mind and experience the fullness of faith? Yes, it is possible.  Not because I said so, but because Jesus said so.  So steeped in the belief that this would work, and that it was a worthy cause, He died a brutal death, so we might live free. Recently, I read that actress Gwyneth Paltrow was asked about her wellness routine.    Paltrow stated …

Comfort Zone
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Increasing Faith Outside the Comfort Zone

Increasing Faith Outside the Comfort Zone Tis the season to reflect and take stock of my belief, or perhaps my unbelief.  Frankly, I am most stunned by all the years I have basked in the comfort zone of unbelief.  Maybe this is shocking, I mean, I believe in the Virgin Birth and Death and resurrection of my Jesus. I have two books that testify to my commitment.  A third is on the way.   In the process of writing the third, …