Sacred Ground Sticky Floors Recipe: Peach Bellini

Yield 4

A summer treat for putting up your feet! Pretty Peach Bellini is a crisp and sweet delightful drink for sipping with your girlfriends. An excellent cocktail to compliment spicy Italian soup or chips and salsa!


3 cup frozen peaches

5 Tbsp sugar

1 cup cold water

1 bottle extra dry champagne

2/3 cup Peach Schnapps

2 cups of ice


Place frozen peaches, sugar, water, and Schnapps in a blender. Blend to break down peaches and then add 2 cups of ice until smooth.  Add blended goodness to a pretty 2-quart pitcher.  Pour champagne over mixture and gently stir to mix.  Serve immediately.


This is a versatile recipe.  You can make with other fruit and flavored Schnapps.  I also love pear and pineapple!  

Courses Beverage

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